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With over 45 years experience supplying automotive valeting products, the team at Elite is here to help with expert advice on all of our products and any aspect of vehicle cleaning.  Whether you are purchasing for a large multinational or a sole enterprise, we have the products and service to provide your business needs.

When you browse our Product Catalogue you will see we supply all our own Elite branded car cleaning products and a wide range of other ancillary items.  We are also distributors of Vikan Transport Brushes, Farecla and 3M products.


Tired Looking Exterior?

From our product catalogue have a look at our full range of Exterior CleanersDressings, Polishes and Glass Cleaners to give your vehicle a showroom finish.

Before you start to detail your vehicle, you should ensure the paintwork, wheels, engine etc. are as clean as possible.  Use our exterior cleaners to thoroughly wash down the bodywork, wheels, inner arches and engine bay.

Next you should "clay" the paint work to remove any contaminants, follow this up by applying one of our cleaner polishes, either by hand or machine.  This will remove any oxidization, fine scores, swirl marks etc. from the paintwork.  Finally, apply a coat of Superbrite Pure Liquid Wax to leave a deep gloss "wet look" finish.

Choose from our dressings and glass cleaners to add the final touches by detailing the tyres, plastic trim and glass.




For The Ultimate Finish

This starter kit includes the core products to perform interior and exterior valets.

Neutral Shampoo 5 ltr
Alloy Wheel Cleaner 5 ltr
Orbit Body Polish 5 ltr
Rubberite Tyre Dressing 5 ltr
Screen Clean Glass Cleaner 5 ltr
Upholstery Cleaner 5 ltr
Spot On PVC Sheen 5 ltr
Apple Dash Silicone Spray 400ml
Silver Aerosol Paint 400ml
Satin Black Aerosol Paint 400ml
Floor Mats 250
Disposable Seat Covers Roll of 100
3 Super Micro Fibre Cloths
3 500ml Trigger Sprays

3 Dispenser Bottles
1 Jumbo Car Sponge
1 Flunky Chamois

Offer Price £170 + VAT

To see the full range of our products click "Product Catalogue" on the sidebar.

elite car products belfast
elite car care products belfast




Credit Crunching Deal!

The Numatic "Valeters Duo" consists of a CT370 Upholstery extraction cleaning machine and a NVR200 dry vacuum.  Also included is our  "Elite Interior Cleaning Kit".  Interior Cleaning Kit includes 1 x 5 ltr Upholstery Cleaner, 1x 5 ltr Inter-Fresh Bubblegum, 1 x 500 ml Trigger Spray, 1x Upholstery Sponge and 1x Pet Hair Remover.

( Discontinued)

elite car products belfast elite car care products belfast

Hints and Tips!


Tar & Adhesive Remover can be used to help remove chewing gum from vehicle upholstery and carpets.

Inter-Fresh can be added to the detergent tank of an upholstery extraction machine for added freshness.  Inter-Fresh is available in "Lavender", "Bubblegum" & "Apple" fragrance.

Spot-On PVC Sheen is an excellent product to leave a high lustre finish on  inner wheelarch trim and the backs of mudflaps, it is also great for cleaning and shining painted door and boot checks.  Simply spray on using a solvent sprayer and buff with a soft cloth.

The Vikan Wipe 'N' Shine blade is designed to effortlessly remove water from the bodywork of vehicles, but did you know it also removes pet hairs from upholstery and carpet!  The 25cm blade is ideal for car interiors.

Add a couple of cap fulls of our Screen Clean liquid glass cleaner to your vehicles washer bottle and it will act as a fantastic screen wash.



Aerosol Offer!


A mixed case of 12 x 450ml
Aerosols  £32 + VAT

Mixed case includes:

2 x Apple Dash
2 x Supersheen
2 x Wax Rich Polish
2 x Interior Foam Cleaner - New
1 x Cherry Bodyshop Dressing
1 x Crystal Glass Cleaner - New
1 x Silver Paint
1 x Satin Black Paint

Limited stocks, one offer per customer.
Please phone for delivery details.


Feature Products!


A powerful alkaline fluid that cleans black carbon dust and road film from most alloy and steel wheels.  Simply spray on and hose off.  Apply using a low pressure spray.
Available in 5 ltr, 25 ltr, 205 ltr.


High Foaming Traffic Film Remover.  Formulated for use through all foaming equipment.  Excellent clinging properties, allowing increased dwell time make this a cost effective detergent.  Primarily designed for attended car wash businesses.  For use through a pressure washer. Available in 25ltr or 205ltr.

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